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Feminist Africa targets gender researchers, students, educators, women’s organisations and feminist activists throughout Africa. It works to develop a feminist intellectual community by promoting and enhancing African women’s intellectual work. To overcome the access and distribution challenges facing conventional academic We look forward to seeing you and answering your questions. Date April 9th, 2020 Time.

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“I’m not a feisty bitch, I’m a feminist!”. Feminism in AWAKE! Women of Africa. Rape: A South African Nightmare, by Pumla Dineo Gqola. Johannesburg: MF Books, an imprint of Jacana Media (PTY) Ltd, 2015.


All of November 11, 2019. Sex for Grades: Solidarity Statement by African Feminist Initiative. by africanfeminism. 1.

African feminist initiative

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Sweden | 2009 | 97 minutes | Color | DVD  Chuku, C, Mukaso, A, Yenice, Y (2020) Putting women and girls' safety first in Africa's response to Covid-19. Africa in Focus, Brookings, 8 May. Available at: www. The School for Black Feminist Politics (SBFP) is a Black feminist political education initiative and hub powered by Black Women Radicals. Established in 2020  Health Equity and Transnational Feminist Solidarity The African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) is a Pan-African grant making organisation that supports  18 Dec 2020 The African Feminist Initiative (AFI) is a global and transnational platform where feminist scholars and activists engage in interdisciplinary  And filmmaker Adélia Sampaio, the first black woman to make a feature film in Brazil, has finally received the recognition she deserves through various honours . Political involvement in South Africa and developments .in feminist thought entitled T~e South African Women's Budget Initiative which closely examines the   As the world marks the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a growing number of feminists inside and outside of government are  The Global Gender and Economic Policy Management Initiative (GEPMI) is a with leading international and regional scholars, feminist economists and policy African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (UN IDEP) in Dakar, 3 Apr 2020 A member of the “Sudan Against Corona” initiative, led by MANSAM, distributes hand sanitizer in Port Sudan city. Photo: Afkar Nasser/  17 Dec 2020 Young South African Farai Mubaiwa works towards ending youth empowering and upskilling young people through the Africa Matters Initiative.

It builds on similar projects (Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and USA) to draft and disseminate alternative judgments for important African landmark cases on a range of legal issues. What is African Feminism?
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Queerbinar Creating an African feminist space that is inclusive of all African women in their diversity. 7. But although they were feminist in the sense of the verb “feminist”, the first wave of self-defined African feminists — ideologically and politically — emerge later. Post-colonial African Feminism is viewed to be the era when, largely inspired by Black and Third World feminisms elsewhere, small groups of African women start labelling themselves feminist.

These women are quite brave to stand up for political ethics and human rights, advocate for the revision of biased colonial-era laws, intervene during armed conflict to protect the rights of civilians, challenge religious fundamentalisms. Welcome to Feminist Africa. Feminist Africa is a continental gender studies journal produced by the community of feminist scholars. It provides a platform for intellectual and activist research, dialogue and strategy. Feminist Africa attends to the complex and diverse dynamics of creativity and resistance that have emerged in postcolonial Africa, 2018-11-28 · She was the deputy at Alliances for Africa where she coordinated the Gender Justice in Africa initiative. In 2017, she was appointed as the Nigerian director of Amnesty International.
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African feminist initiative

The African Feminist Initiative (AFI) at Pennsylvania State University was established in April 2015 by Gabeba Baderoon and Alicia C. Decker to advance research and teaching about African feminisms at Penn State and to build partnerships between Penn State faculty and feminist scholars, activists, and institutions in Africa and beyond. The Transforming Feminist and Gender Studies Colloquium brings together Penn State students, faculty, and visiting scholars in order to generate dialogue and This special issue, edited by the co-directors of the African Feminist Initiative (AFI) at Pennsylvania State University, is a partnership between Meridians and the AFI. Modern African feminism was solidified during the landmark UN decade for women 1975 – 1985 which resulted in feminist activism and scholarship spreading widely across the continent and diaspora. Since then the African feminist movement has expanded in policy, legislation, scholarship and also in the cultural realm. What is African Feminism?

Radical. African. The Feminist Disruptor Series: A Handbook.
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For general information and enquiries about submissions and future issues, please e-mail us at: info@feministafrica.net. To contact the Managing Editor, email: contact@feministafrica.net Editorial News of Tuesday, 12 November 2019. Source: African Feminist Initiative 2019-11-12 Sex for Grades: Solidarity statement by African Feminist Initiative In honor of Women’s History Month, The Africa Center presents a conversation among an incredible group of women on their perspectives on Black feminisms within the African Diaspora. In today’s ever-polarized sociopolitical and cultural environment, even the historically connected seminal movements of Black American, Black British, and Black Afrodiasporic feminism are shifting further apart. The Black Feminism Initiative (BFI) was established in Fall 2019 to honor and encourage Black feminist thought and visions for political transformation. Editorial News of Tuesday, 12 November 2019. Source: African Feminist Initiative 2019-11-12 Sex for Grades: Solidarity statement by African Feminist Initiative Alicia C. Decker is an associate professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and African studies at the Pennsylvania State University and codirector of the African Feminist Initiative.